Lilo 23.2 for Salix 13.37

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Lilo 23.2 for Salix 13.37

Post by mimosa » 5. Sep 2012, 22:39

This isn't a suggestion as such (the suggestion has been made; but to recap, if 13.37 is to coexist with more recent kernels on other partitions, the lilo it comes with at the moment won't work). It's a possible difficulty I've just come across:

In i486, I've found that manually upgrading to the more recent lilo is all that's needed. However when I did so in Salix Xfce 64, I got a message saying that glibc-14 was required (the 13.37 glibc is version 13). Installing glibc-15 from current apparently did the trick, in the sense that

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#lilo -v
produced no error messages (I have yet to reboot to test the result).

I can imagine that might mean upgrading lilo for 13.37 might be trickier for one architecture than the other. Quite *why* a certain version of glibc should be needed, though, I don't see.

EDIT The principal problem is resolved (at least largely) by upgrading os-prober. (That might not happen if a user downloaded a Live Cd to install from.) As soon as I saw it I remembered the discussion before about that. Meanwhile I've made a right mess of this hard disk (which a friend asked me to put Salix on) so it's difficult to reconstruct my steps. I think I'll just wipe it and start again.

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