Font rendering improved

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Font rendering improved

Post by icaroperseo » 21. Nov 2014, 06:17

Is it possible to improve this aspect "out of the box"? Personally I think it would be the ideal detail to further refine the "Salix OS experience".

My suggestion is this:

Now I can die in peace :mrgreen:



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Re: Font rendering improved

Post by gapan » 21. Nov 2014, 18:49

This involves patching freetype+friends and since these are actually Slackware packages, we're not going to touch them.

There have been some discussions about this before. If you search the forums you'll find them. Honestly, I don't see anything better. Different, yes, better, not really. Maybe it depends on the monitor you us

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Re: Font rendering improved

Post by laprjns » 22. Nov 2014, 13:54

Yes, I agree it personal choice, but I do perceived it to be somewhat sharper to my eye. Using the provided script to build and install the patched packages is easy enough though I did have to make a couple of changes. Here's the revised script. Note that it only works for Salix 14.1 (Slackware 14.1) ...

Just download it and cd to the download directory and do:

Code: Select all

[~]$ sudo sh
This will create and install new packages for freetype, fontconfig and cairo. Note that the newly installed packages for both freetype and fontconfig have the same name as the default packages in the Slackware 14.1 repo and therefore will be overwritten if new updates become available. The new cairo package name is different from the default Salix package and therefore you will get package upgrade notices from the Salix Update Notifier. These all can be avoided by blacklisting the packages in /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc configuration file.
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Re: Font rendering improved

Post by ExMachina » 10. Dec 2015, 13:16

Hi, new Salix user alert!!! I'm not trying to revive an year old thread but I just couldn't help myself.
I just tried this and the font rendering has improved hugely. I'm keeping these settings. Just beautiful!

Thanks for the tip!

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