claws, zfs, and mail server

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Re: claws, zfs, and mail server

Post by gapan » 4. Sep 2017, 22:46

westms wrote:Are Thunderbird and Seamonkey up-to-date? Claws Mail version 3.13.2 in Salix is not, because it is from 19 January 2016. The current Claws Mail version is 3.15.1, from 29 August 2017.
I upgraded the package in the repos earlier today.

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Re: claws, zfs, and mail server

Post by ChuangTzu » 6. Sep 2017, 00:35

must have been a settings problem between claws and yahoo with imap: 3.13 and 3.14 stopped working with yahoo and imap, and 3.15.1 is working fine, with no changes other then the newer package. :)

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