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Display Manager Blog post

Posted: 11. Aug 2019, 03:08
by ChuangTzu

Is startx out of the question? Or XDM combined with xwmconfig provides a basic DM, I believe has a builtin screen lock as well.

Found these: ... ay-manager

Re: Display Manager Blog post

Posted: 11. Aug 2019, 09:43
by DidierSpaier
In Slint:

Code: Select all

root[/home/didier]# login-chooser 

Usage: login-chooser <login manager>
Available login managers:
 text lightdm lxdm gdm 
Short descriptions:
text:    Login in text mode, in a console. From there, you
         can type "startx" to start a graphical session.
lightdm: Light Display Manager, accessible with speech.
lxdm:    LXDE Display Manager.
gdm:     GNOME Display Manager, fully accessible with speech.
Login is currently set to text mode.
Unless something still maintained, with not too many dependencies, appears to be at least as good as gdm2 feature-wise I will ship gdm2 in next major Slint version, if it can still be built. It is by large the best, and additionally fully accessible to blind users which is very important for Slint. And of course we will continue to provide a text (+ startx to go graphical) login manager.

Re: Display Manager Blog post

Posted: 12. Aug 2019, 13:18
by gapan
Just a thought: it would be very easy to have startx launched right after login on VT1, while if logging in from any other virtual terminal would start a terminal session as usual.

Re: Display Manager Blog post

Posted: 13. Aug 2019, 16:23
by PelleB
As I have been playing around with some other distributions and systems and love using different window managers, I have tried most of the display managers. I also have my opinions about them, based only on practical use. Practical use in my case is choosing window manager and logging in and, less important, changing the looks of it.

GDM, that comes with Salix. It does everything I expect it to do with ease, I would not replace it unless it is absolutely necessary. gdmflexiserver is a nice feature, I do not know if it is a part of GDM or not, SDDM has it too it seems.

LightDM, does everything I need easily. I like it.

LxDM, the same as above, but I do not like it.

SLIM, clumsy in use. F1 to toggle between window managers, if you have a bunch installed it is very annoying, no buttons for restart, shutdown etc, I think it uses a lot of memory too.

SDDM, also nice, but as mentioned in the blog, it needs Qt.

XDM, does not do much, does it?

Per B.