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Old OpenOffice

Posted: 15. Feb 2021, 15:38
by Bird
That's OOO then ...
I just wanted to say, that having an old version of LibreOffice in the package lists, which OpenOffice is, benefits the low-end hardware. With more and more updates, LibreOffice became a problem performancewise on many of my tiny netbooks with their Intel Atom processors. Salix and a lot of programs are absolutely fine, but LibreOffice got slow. OpenOffice is much better suited for older computers. It also looks nearly like LibreOffice. However Word 97 nearly looks similar to LibreOffice, too.

For some "slapt-get" packages this is true already, that there is more than one version available (Firefox for example). Would the same be possible for Slackbuilds, too? If not, what would lead to OpenOffice being thrown out of the package list? I'm just curious.

Re: Old OpenOffice

Posted: 21. Feb 2021, 20:43
by gapan
I haven't used OOo for years. Probably not long after LO was forked.

I find recent LO versions to at least feel lighter than older ones. It certainly works fine in my underpowered laptop. I have uploaded some packages for these in the Contributed Packages section of the forums.

Re: Old OpenOffice

Posted: 2. Apr 2021, 18:42
by coyotl
Openoffice is considerably smaller now, have read reviews to the effect that the later Libreoffice versions add bloat not functions.
So I prefer Openoffice, (using ALT Linux Sysv starterkit which does not come with LO)