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Slint Project

Posted: 22. Mar 2014, 20:03
by hugok
Anyone use this package?

I looking for translators/reviewers for the Portuguese of Portugal pt_PT language.

I've translated everything but any help is welcome to review.

Re: Slint Project

Posted: 15. May 2014, 22:17
by hugok
Hi all,

I translated Slint project for pt_PT.

For those who are interested in installing Slackware in Portuguese(Portugal).

Check the site

Re: Slint Project

Posted: 11. Oct 2014, 11:21
by hugok
The Slint project now has full isso images. Meaning that you can install Slackware using another language with only one media.
I translated all pt_PT Portuguese from Portugal language.

Join the project and help translate.

I've seen that gapan and djemos helped :D