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salix live installer translation

Posted: 26. Sep 2015, 12:34
by djemos
For everyone interesting to translate Salix and Slackel live installer to its own locale can click on
or ... installer/

Greek translations has been done.

New salix,slackel installers include an option for setting a different /home partition for user, choose (e)lilo or grub and also display a progress bar instead of (non user friendly) log.
Both have been tested on UEFI and they are working fine. For UEFI to install on a clean disk with no other operating system user has to create a gpt partition table and a vfat 30-100MB partition on /dev/sda1 and also to put a boot flag from gparted to that partition. (click on Boot the esp also flag become active) This partition become EF00
Next create another partition for / on /dev/sda2 and if you want another partition for /home on /dev/sda3 and of cource a swap partition.
Close gparted and proceed with installation.

If there is an operating system on your disk e.g. windows then you don't have to create a EFI partition just create the rest partitons for / , /home and swap.
If you leave home empty on live installer then the same partition will be used for / and /home.

projects on git salix-live-installer

Re: salix live installer translation

Posted: 26. Sep 2015, 12:49
by gapan
Hi djemos,

the link to transifex is wrong...

Re: salix live installer translation

Posted: 26. Sep 2015, 13:45
by djemos
hi gapan.
Edit: These links are working
or ... installer/
I have set up project to accept automatically any user who ask to join a translation team.

An easiest way is to use github above links and with poedit to translate the sli.po file to their language and send it to me.