Akonadi not starting

Akonadi not starting

Postby Atip » 11. Aug 2017, 08:05

I cannot get akonadi running and therefore cannot access programs which depend on it.
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akonadictl start

ends with
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31: akonadiserver() [0x809ca92]
ProcessControl: Application 'akonadiserver' returned with exit code 255 (Unknown error)
"akonadiserver" crashed too often and will not be restarted!

How to correct?
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Re: Akonadi not starting

Postby laprjns » 11. Aug 2017, 10:21

Seems to run without problems on my machine. Maybe some here can help:
https://www.google.com/search?q=%22akon ... e&ie=UTF-8
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Re: Akonadi not starting

Postby DidierSpaier » 11. Aug 2017, 10:30

Hi Atip,

I just tried in a fresh Slint64-14.2 installation with all patches applied, and everything seems to work:

Kmail starts
Korganizer starts

akonadictl start works
akonadictl stop works

By the way, you do not have to start akonadi manually, it is automatically started when you start an application that needs it.

Did you make a modification to your system (like adding/removing packages, whatever)?

Is your system up to date?

I didn't see anything in the upgrades that would have an influence, but just in case do this as root:
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slapt-get -u
slapt-get -i --reinstall spkg
slapt-get --upgrade
dotnew-gtk &

And try again.

PS laprjns aka Rich was answering while I was writing, you can follow his link too.
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Re: Akonadi not starting

Postby Atip » 12. Aug 2017, 04:10


Suggestions of DidierSpaier did not work.

On the website recommended by Laprjns I found:
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rm -rf ~/.local/share/akonadi/
rm -rf ~/.config/akonadi/
rm -rf ~/.kde/share/config/akonadi*

that worked. akonadi starts and stops and apps which need it open.

I did not make any modifications to the system. I am using fluxbox and found the problem
when I tried to use kalarm which I wanted to use since I could not make my "saytime"
program produce sound. Solved that by enabling in services alsa and alsa-oss. :)
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