Slint version 14.2 has been released.

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Slint version 14.2 has been released.

Post by DidierSpaier » 19. Jan 2017, 21:03

Get Slint version 14.2: 32-bit or 64-bit.

For installation, getting started and more, visit the Slint website.

As Slint is based on Slackware and Salix, let me just highlight the main distinctive Slint features.

At the system level, all window managers come configured and offer features usually found in desktops: auto-mounting of removable devices, auto-refreshed application menus, launch bar, pager and task bar (but in TWM), a tray with a notification area, panel applets including nm-applet, hplip, orage and blueman applets autostarted by default, ability to log out|halt|reboot|suspend|hibernate from the panel's menu as regular user. For that we use lxpanel and PCManFM with engrampa as archiver, and lxdm as desktop manager. Slint newcomers may like to read Slint Kick Start.

Fvwm is configured with a vertical panel in addition to the horizontal one, that can handle four virtual desks of four pages each and an icon manager that allows to easily manage more than 45 windows individually. Give it a try!

slap-get, slapt-src, gslapt, sourcery and spi ease packages management with dependencies resolution and usage of SlackBuids from, salix-update-notifier notify of all updates of installed packages shipped in Slint or coming from managed repositories (i.e. those mentioned in /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc). A word of caution: installpkg, removepkg, upgradepkg are perfectly usable, but usage of slackpkg (also shipped) is not recommended, see Software Management.

In addition to genuine Slackware tools, Salix tools are provided to manage users and groups, services, clock and time zones, locales, keyboards, hosts, take care of the .new files and edit the UEFI firmware's boot menu.

All graphical front-ends of admin and setup tools are gathered in the Slint Control Center, that also provides a consistent access in all WM/DE to applications, hardware settings and information.

All software packages added to or modified from Slackware are listed in Packages included in the Slint 14.2 ISOs.

They include libreoffice localized, localized KDE and Calligra UI, polyglot Firefox and Thunderbird, Inkscape and Scribus, Fontforge, Viewnior, Geany & plugins, Pluma, Asunder, Parole, Doclifter, Txt2tags and Pandoc, Bicon, FBterm and MLterm, Xorriso, Xdgmenumaker, POedit and PO4a, Transifex-client, Spkg, Ktsuss and Salix-codecs-installer.

A lot more software are easily installed. Want Mate for instance? Just type "slapt-get --install-set mate".

Of course the installer is polyglot and most tools are localized, thanks to the Salix and Slint translators. German and Polish translation are now complete and Norwegian reviewed, thanks to Marek Srejma, Marcin Herda aka Sycamorex and Dan-Simon Myrland.

The installer is also Braille-ready, handle the new NVMe devices (PCI Express based solid state drives) in UEFI mode. It allows to create regular users, set the default runlevel, the default language and installs localized packages accordingly, so that for a desktop or laptop usage there be in most cases no need for a configuration post installation. Find details with snapshots in The illustrated installation process.

Have fun!


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Re: Slint version 14.2 has been released.

Post by djemos » 20. Jan 2017, 05:50

Congratulations Didier.

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Re: Slint version 14.2 has been released.

Post by Atip » 2. Aug 2017, 03:17

Installed Slint. Evering run smoothly. :)
Much impressed.
Seems to be another great box of the Slackware/Salix family. :D

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