slapt-get rebuilt to fix the upgrade process

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slapt-get rebuilt to fix the upgrade process

Post by DidierSpaier » 7. Jul 2017, 15:06

This will avoid that after an upgrade the system becomes unusable, as has been observed for glibc-solibs, cf. viewtopic.php?f=44&t=7336

In one of the ChangeLogs:

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Friday 07 July 2017
slapt-get-0.10.2t-i586-5slint.txz: Rebuilt.
Use upgradepkg instead of spkg as back end of 'slapt-get --upgrade' to
avoid that upgrading the package glibc-solibs fails.
Install it with these commands:
slapt-get -u
slapt-get -s -i slapt-get # to check the version of the new package
slapt-get -i slapt-get
slapt -i|--install normally installs a package, but in case an upgrade is available it upgrades it instead.

This comes handy in some situations:
  • If you want that some package be upgraded before any other (as above).
  • It allows to upgrade a package blacklisted in /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc, as a kernel package.

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