Keyboard layout handler

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Keyboard layout handler

Post by Atip » 24. Aug 2017, 09:01

In fluxbox on the lxpanel the keyboard layout handler is set to french FR.
That causes a problem for a none-french KB user especially first time lxpanel user.
Like I tried to adjust the panel width which was impossible with KB set to us.
It took me a while to solve the problem before I realized what that FR on the panel signified.

May be that keyboard layout handler should follow the language chosen by the user when installing.

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Re: Keyboard layout handler

Post by DidierSpaier » 24. Aug 2017, 09:11

Thanks for your remark, Atip.

The issue comes my mistake: in the package slint-user-settings I included my own setting.

I next version, to be released in a few weeks, I will not include the keyboard layout chooser at all in lxpanel, as I have found cases of odd behavior when it tries to detect the proper layout.

But the user will be able to add this widget or plugin to the panel: just click right on the panel to access the context menu to do that.

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