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[ANNOUNCE] Slint64- is released!

Posted: 5. Feb 2018, 20:34
by DidierSpaier
Current Slint users can upgrade without re-installing, to do that read: ... ME-UPGRADE

New users, to get the new ISO image just type:
wget ... .2.1.1.iso

To know more and get started read: ... E-
And for the accessibility features: ... ESSIBILITY

As a reminder, Slint is a Linux distribution based on Slackware, easy to install and use, polyglot.

It provides to the visually impaired users speech and braille in all contexts: installation, login, usage on text or console made as in desktops including MATE, now also with Compiz (which provides features for partially sighted users), speechd-el and emacspeak. To get this result, orca, speech-dispatcher, espeak, espeakup and brltty are included and configured.

The most notable changes in the new version are:
  • Addition of vlc, the ubiquitous audio and video player and recorder, thanks to Eric Hameleers for the SlackBuild.
  • Addition of mate-tweak, Compiz, Emerald and associated themes.
  • All speech-related applications now rely on alsa or portaudio only and audio settings have been enhanced. Benefits: a better sound quality when using speech in console mode, speech applications now start instantly in all contexts, audio outputs coming from speech application and audio players nicely coexist.
  • Cleaning and fixes of the application menus and the Dashboard Slint.
Information and communication channels:
Slint website:
Forum: viewforum.php?f=44
Mailing list:

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Slint64- is released!

Posted: 6. Feb 2018, 08:42
by Atip
Since I have Slint64-14.2.1 installed following instructions
I skipped step 1 and went to step 2. That only ugraded thunderbird
and nothing else.

So I started following instructions in step 1. That worked and 9 new
pakages were installed.

upgrade_user_config replaced only my fluxbox menu which I put back
immediately since my menu was saved as menu~. :)

It seems Slint64- has finally reached the point where I will
move it from my testing hard drive to my main HD. :) ;)

BTW skypeforlinux is asking for an upgrade which is not yet in Sourcery.

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Slint64- is released!

Posted: 6. Feb 2018, 13:25
by DidierSpaier

I just edited the upgrade instructions to clarify that slap-get -u && slapt-get --ugrade should be typed in all cases just before step 2.

About skypeforlinux at time of writing the sbo repository is in sync with and the provided version is that I just built and installed through Sourcery.

If writing "skypeforlinux is asking for an upgrade which is not yet in Sourcery", you mean that there is a more recent release (as shown in, to get it you should either request it from the maintainer whose email address in on this page: ... eforlinux/ or rebuild the package yourself using a more recent Debian package as source.

PS There is no obligation for SlackBuilds maintainers to upgrade when a new version becomes available and in many cases (like e.g. a package shipping an ABI or ABI that has changed and whose other packages depend on) this would be a bad idea. Granted, this is not the case of skypeforlinux which is a "leaf" package.

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Slint64- is released!

Posted: 7. Feb 2018, 04:02
by Atip
Thanks for the info on skype.
I found this website:
where one can download the latest version in .rpm.
rpm2txz makes it then easily to install.

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Slint64- is released!

Posted: 7. Feb 2018, 17:59
by hugok
Hi Didier, congratulations for your work.
I'm going to test it with the mate-desktop in virtualbox.

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Slint64- is released!

Posted: 7. Feb 2018, 19:23
by DidierSpaier
Hello Hugo,
nice to hear from you.

Be aware that to start the X server in VirtualBox you will need first to install the guest additions.

Give a go to Compiz, it's useful for accessibility but also provides bells and whistles, see: ... zShortcuts

Let me know how that goes.

Cheers, Didier

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Slint64- is released!

Posted: 29. Jan 2019, 16:49
by hugok
I continue with Slint installed in the virtualbox. Everything works well :D