Firefox ugraded.

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Firefox ugraded.

Post by DidierSpaier » 1. Oct 2018, 21:09

Firefox for Slint has been upgraded today to version Quantum 60.2.1esr.

Apart from security fixes, this should bring a lot of enhancements.

However some add-ons that have not been updated to stay compatible with the new version will not work.

If that's a big issue for you, you can still use the previously shipped version that you will find here:
In case you already upgraded you can get back the old version this way then blacklist mozilla-firefox in /etc/slat-get/slapt-getrc:

Code: Select all

upgradepkg  mozilla-firefox-52.9.0esr-x86_64-1slint.txz
However, you will not then benefit of the security fixes that brings the new version so this is not recommended.

To get the new version, as usual, use slapt-get or gslapt.

A big "Thank You" to George Vlahavas from whom I reused the script allowing to auto-magically package and sign (this is now mandatory for all Firefox add-ons) the 40 language packs bundled in the Firefox package.


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