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Slint package for Slackware64 14.2

Posted: 30. Jan 2019, 17:26
by hugok
Hello Didier, it's me, Hugo, the Portuguese translator(Portugal) of Slint Project.

I have two questions:

1 there is a slint package(only) for Slackware 14.2 as it existed in Slackware version 14.1 ?

2 Where can i translate qcontrolcenter ? # some words appear in French, like cat├ęgories


Re: Slint package for Slackware64 14.2

Posted: 30. Jan 2019, 18:06
by DidierSpaier
Hello Hugo,

I know it's you, of course ;)

i have seen you posted recently and also sent me a private message.

I am sorry to be late to answer, being 150% busy with the preparation of the upcoming Slint64- with a new ISO.

There are no more just one package for Slackware 14.2.
In the upcoming release no less than 389 packages are in the new (still unofficial) slint repository, plus 106 voices packages and 219 locale packages.

I didn't set up anything to translate qcontrolcenter but to be honest I'd tend to rewrite it as based on qt4 it is not accessible to bllnd users. But maybe it isn't that useful after all so doing that is not in top of my priorities.

There will be new messages to translate in the installer for the upcoming version, but I didn't upload them on Transifex yet, will do after its release.

To be honest I had so many things to do recently that I couldn't handle to manage the translations updates.

I will post here and in the new mailing list: when the new ISO will be available for testing, hopefully before the end of this week.

Re: Slint package for Slackware64 14.2

Posted: 31. Jan 2019, 16:44
by hugok
I understand that you must have a lot of work to do.
I can only thank you for your effort.
Even so I'm keeping an eye on the translations whenever possible and the Slint Project.