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Slint64- has been released

Posted: 22. Mar 2019, 18:47
by DidierSpaier
Hello everybody,

The ISO is here:

Documentation: ... E- ... stallation
More generally:

So, what's new?
A lot of software packages are updated or upgraded. This include an upgrade of pretty much all accessibility packages to the most recent
version, a fairly recent kernel (version 4.19.30), many added packages and an enhanced installer.

New packages and features are detailed in:
Utilities shipped: ... /Utilities

I think that some of these features and utilities could benefit to Salix and Slackel. More about that next week.

What's new in the installer:
  • It includes a kernel version 4.19.30 with its speakup drivers.This should allow to get speech in all installation languages. Caveat:
    Ukrainian is not spoken, because espeak-ng does not include an Ukrainian voice yet.
  • If a hard synthesizer is used to install, espeakup is not started as it needs the speakup_soft driver.
  • The sound cards are probed at the beginning of installation, so that a working one be used during installation and set as default in the installed system.
  • GRUB is used to boot the installer if the machine is then in UEFI mode. GRUB will also be installed to boot Slint, in UEFI as well as in Legacy modes.
  • A new feature: auto-partitioning of the device on which Slint will be installed is provided, under the conditions that this device be dedicated to Slint and has a sufficient size.
  • The detection of the ESP (EFI System Partitions) and "DOS" partitions (actually partitions used by Microsoft systems) has been enhanced. It is based on the UEFI specification for the ESP, and on the file system type detected by lsblk for DOS partitions.
  • Most partitions are designated by their UUID in grub.conf and /etc/fstab
As kernel upgrades will probably become more frequent, a new script 'upgrade-kernel' handles them.



Re: Slint64- has been released

Posted: 25. Mar 2019, 23:14
by hugok
Congratulations on your amazing work.
Thanks Didier.

Re: Slint64- has been released

Posted: 4. Apr 2019, 01:35
by ChuangTzu
Well done Didier