djemos interview on distrowatch

djemos interview on distrowatch

Postby gapan » 13. Jun 2017, 22:22

Our developer, Dimitris Tzemos has been interviewed by distrowatch. The interview is mostly about Slackel, but there is some interesting info about Salix as well in there. You can listen to the interview at ... -june-2017

There is also an ogg vorbis file if you prefer that: ... 170612.ogg

The interview starts around 29:45 into the audio file.

Congratulations Dimitris!
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Re: djemos interview on distrowatch

Postby ChuangTzu » 13. Jun 2017, 22:34

Listening to it now...It is an excellent interview. We should have a sticky somewhere of interviews like these, past and current.
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Re: djemos interview on distrowatch

Postby laprjns » 13. Jun 2017, 23:14

That was fun, congratulations Dimitris. George, its sound like your on deck!
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Re: djemos interview on distrowatch

Postby gaucho » 14. Jun 2017, 05:09


Thanks for posting the interview link. I listened to it and enjoyed learning something about Dimitris' personal life, in addition to his work on Slackel.

I especially liked two comments Dimitris made: first, that he chose to use Slackware as a base because of its stability, simplicity and speed; second, that he viewed the relationship between Slackel, Salix and Slackware as an ecosystem, in which the work of each distro's developers mutually benefits each other.

I was also a bit surprised to learn that Slackel originated before Salix (I assumed that Salix had come first).

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Re: djemos interview on distrowatch

Postby djemos » 14. Jun 2017, 14:39

Thank you all. I am glad you liked it.
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Re: djemos interview on distrowatch

Postby Papasot » 17. Jun 2017, 09:25

Very nice interview, and educative too. I wasn't aware of it - thank you gapan for letting us know.

I always assumed Slackel was derived from Salix, as its Slackware-Current derivative. It turns out I was wrong. It's actually about two independent projects which joined task force, and they are now brother distros. This is a big fat plus in my book.
Dimitris says somewhere "... if Slackel was based on Ubuntu, people would try it at once". Sadly, that's true - but also frightening, even as a fictional hypothesis. :lol:
I could quote some other things I heard in this interview, but I won't - it's better for people to actually listen to it, if they want to learn about Slackel's history and developer.

I guess it's George's turn now for a distrowatch interview, sooner or later - preferably sooner: "he is on our radar, no doubt about it". When that happens, please let us know. I bet most people wouldn't know otherwise.
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