Slackel "Live kde" 4.14.21

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Slackel "Live kde" 4.14.21

Post by djemos » 14. Oct 2016, 15:52

Slackel Live KDE 4.14.21 has been released. Slackel is based on Slackware current and Salix.

You can download the iso images using the following links.

Slackel kde 4.14.21 (32-bit) Live image
(size: 1358 MB, md5: af205aec30a0efc010d52f297d040ffe) ... o/download

Slackel kde 4.14.21 (64-bit) Live image
(size: 1349 MB, md5: 3fa867c119f9792e6698121f46b7bb2d) ... o/download

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Re: Slackel "Live kde" 4.14.21 beta1

Post by Papasot » 17. Oct 2016, 16:30

That's exactly what my brother, a big fan of KDE, was looking for. Thank you, djemos.
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