Slackel 7.0 Openbox

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Re: Slackel 7.0 Openbox

Post by djemos » 22. Aug 2017, 18:02

I suppose that I forgot to change the version in mainmenu.cfg. If the kernel is 4.4.38 then it is Slackel 7.0.
You can use btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, jfs, reiserfs, xfs filesystems for the / partition and /home to do a real hard disk installation.
I have tested all these except btrfs.
If you choose grub as bootloader then cannot use xfs filesystem. In this case choose (e)Lilo instead.

You can use vfat or ext3 formatted usb stick to install on it. You can also create a persistent file encrypted or not if you install on usb stick.
To install to an ext3 formatted usb stick Read bellow.
1. Because of a bug in script the size of EFI partition, in a ext3 formatted USB stick, is smaller than the real size is needed. So download this updated version of the script and use it to complete the installation in usb.

2. For users want to use the GUI installer to install the iso on usb or want to use lilo as bootloader to hard disk installation, have to download and install this new version of slackware-live.

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sudo spkg -i slackware-live-0.5.3-noarch-4dj.txz
Or run these commands to do it without download the file.

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sudo slapt-get -u
sudo slapt-get -i slackware-live
And next can run the gui installer.

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