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upgrade/install new kernel images with install-upgrade-kernel script

Posted: 17. Dec 2019, 20:04
by djemos
install-upgrade-kernel is a script for installing, updating, kernel packages on all versions of salix/slackel, including stable and current slackware version, without removing the previous kernel.
The source code on slackel repository and also in github

To install it run

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sudo slapt-get -u
sudo slapt-get -i install-upgrade-kernel
To upgrade huge kernel

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sudo install-upgrade-kernel upgrade huge 
To install new huge kernel without removing the old one

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sudo install-upgrade-kernel install huge 
The script will run "sudo slapt-get -u" and then will download and upgrade/install new kernel images and in the end will execute the update-grub script.

sudo install-upgrade-kernel with no parameters will get the following help screen.

USAGE: install-upgrade-kernel [install|upgrade] [huge|generic]

install Install huge or generic kernel
upgrade Upgrade huge or generic kernel removing the old one
huge Download huge kernel
generic Download generic kernel and also create an initrd