Reporting on my latest attempt to install

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Reporting on my latest attempt to install

Post by miredia »

It was uncomfortable for me to use the latest Slackel with OpenBox because there is no configuration for the touchpad. I need to disable "tap to click" because I am clumsy and I also can't plug in an external mouse to do something about it. Also have to use "xrandr" terminal command like I have to with Salix to turn down the screen brightness. Therefore I went with the older ISO for MATE v7.3.

First I installed with "install_to_usb" script, the result booted successfully but halted in the middle of starting process. Impossible to read messages of what happened because the screen was warped just after boot, with the two penguins on top.

Then I attempted with "SLI" copy-to-USB mode. That worked well, except persistence doesn't work. I noticed a "/live/media" that allows access to the rest of the disk formatted as "ext3" partition, but otherwise it seems only a 2GB RAM partition for "/home". I made some changes to the GUI to test it out, rebooted but they weren't preserved.

The documentation said a persistence folder was less likely to work than a file, but the "SLI" created a "/live/changes" or something alike which I couldn't control. I saved a text file to "/home/one/Documents" but after I rebooted, I found that directory empty.

I guess I have to try again to do a permanent installation with "SLI".
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Re: Reporting on my latest attempt to install

Post by djemos »

Slackel MATE v7.3 is too old. If you use SLI to make a live usb then persistence is not working. You can use the script or gui.
Read the start_up_guide.
Slackel openbox iso is also one year old but installing it (real installation to hard disk or usb stick) can be upgraded to latest Slackware current tree. This has been tested and it is working. Slackel users do it as you can see in Slackel forums.

fbpanel has been upgraded with package fbpanel-7.0-x86_64-2dj
Also user-settings-slackel-openbox-15.0-noarch-4dj is the new package.
Just copy /etc/skel/.config/openbox/rc.xml to ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml
Log out and log in.
The annoying change (movement) workspace with the middle mouse button or touchpad has been disabled. Now users have to click on one of the four workspaces to change workspace.
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