Configure NetworkManager to use dhcp for better connection

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Re: Configure NetworkManager to use dhcp for better connecti

Post by Papasot » 5. Jun 2017, 21:35

DidierSpaier wrote:I strongly disagree. That NetworkManager doesn't work for you (for reasons you didn't elaborate, at least in this thread) certainly doesn't make it bad for everybody. I am perfectly satisfied using NetworkManager and am certainly not alone.

First, I already pointed out a thread discussing how "NetworkManager" is completely impotent to even recognize very common USB network adapters, while WiCD can. That's not "my" opinion, it is a FACT. I actually tested that myself, just out of curiosity. And if you bothered to look it up, you would find plenty of threads discussing "NetworkManager"'s bugs.

Second, you completely ignore the discussion above, proving "NetworkManager" is BUGGY and cannot even hold a stable wireless connection. Again, that's a FACT, not an opinion.

Third, the only fact you have to say is that "networkManager" happens to work for YOU. I guess you are lucky enough not to have a USB wireless adapter, or even more lucky to own a USB wireless adapter without a RealTek chipset inside (or a very old USB adapter, which happens to work with "NetworkManager" crap).

But I forgot, if "NetworkManager" cannot detect USB adapters based on the RealTek chipsets (extremely common in the market, by the way) then it's RealTek's mistake. If "NetworkManager" cannot even hold a stable wireless connection then it is MY fault, not "NetworkManger"'s.

I am sorry, but you are completely wrong here.
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Re: Configure NetworkManager to use dhcp for better connecti

Post by DidierSpaier » 6. Jun 2017, 10:06

NetworkManager is not perfect, and there are cases where it doesn't work whilst wicd does, that's right. Is that enough for calling it crap? No.

The point is: should we deprive of NetworkManager its current users for whom it works, because there are other users for whom it does not work, even knowing that NetworkManager provides features not available through wicd? My answer is no. So I suggest that NetworkManager remains the default.

Am I wrong there? Maybe, that's a matter of opinion.

However, I doubt that NetworkManager will not be the default in next Slackware version, and I expect Salix to follow suit. That's just a forecast, of course. The only thing I can tell with certainty is that if it is still shipped in Slackware as default it will be shipped in Slint as default.

I include a few links to ArchWiki articles on that topic, so that this post be a little more useful. Bear in mind that Arch uses systemd, so not all recommendations apply as is to Slackware and derivatives, but I think that this information is still useful. # Wicd # NetworkManager ... rk_Manager # Using USB 3G modems with NetworkManager ... figuration # Wireless network configuration. This article includes troubleshooting drivers and firmware, among which for Realtek devices.

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Re: Configure NetworkManager to use dhcp for better connecti

Post by djemos » 6. Jun 2017, 18:42

It is an open source world. I know that there are some slackware packages in salix which are different from the packages included in mother distribution.
If something is problematic then in a derivative distribution another package can be used which is working in most situations.
It is a matter of choice but the point is that the rule is that developers will not use something problematic because it is the default in mother distribution. The rule in my opinion is to use something which works in the most situations.
But this is just my opinion. I use wicd in Slackel.

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Re: Configure NetworkManager to use dhcp for better connecti

Post by Luffy » 5. Nov 2017, 21:59

No problem with "Connman" - after one year of use ...

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