Salix Live 13.0 (32-bit) is ready :)

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Re: Salix Live 13.0 (32-bit) is ready :)

Post by thenktor » 26. Apr 2010, 16:50

Troll posts won't work here :mrgreen: :lol: :ugeek: :twisted:
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Re: Salix Live 13.0 (32-bit) is ready :)

Post by gapan » 26. Apr 2010, 17:03

thenktor wrote:Troll posts won't work here :mrgreen: :lol: :ugeek: :twisted:
Trolls? In the internet? I'm shocked! :lol:

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Re: Salix Live 13.0 (32-bit) is ready :)

Post by Akuna » 26. Apr 2010, 19:26

subsonic wrote:Hell half of your stuff is Zenwalk anyways
Is that so? And what half would that be?

As stated on our homepage, any tribute from Salix to any other distro goes legitimately to Slackware, period! And for much more than just half since Salix is pure Slackware with just an extra layer meant to bring ease of use to the lambda end-user (& to the lazy slacker). And since in designing that extra layer of service & tools Salix, unlike some others, strives hard to remain completely 100 % compatible with Slackware, it would in fact be more correct to exclaim: "Hell most of your stuff is Slackware anyways". ;)

To come back to the above claim, it should be noted that the very last Zenwalk Live release that was done... was done by *me* (& so was the very first one & all of the others in between, along with my good old friend Zariweb who left Zenwalk long before me...) and in fact the whole of ZenLive project as it was originally called was initiated by both of us. If you care to read credits in about dialogs, you will discover that so was Zenwalk Live installer, which was then done in gtkdialog & bash & which BTW I completely re-did from scratch for Salix Live in Python/Glade. And so was both LiveClone, LiloFix/LiloSetup and all the last Zenwalk Live build scripts...

BTW, for this first release, It was pure fun to work together with JRD who is actually the main architect of Salix LiveCD & did a fantastic job with it while I quite leisurely concentrated mainly on the new installer & a couple other things.

Now, originally it is true that we borrowed & *improved* Zenwalk system tools, among a few things by adding missing Hal support to the keyboard configuration tool as well as sorely missing internationalization support for all of the other system tools which we evidently shared back with Zenwalk (don't know if they backported our added functionalities though). In any case, these tools are mostly deprecated now in Salix 13.1 since Gapan made a new series of Salix system tools in Python/Glade to replace the limited interface that gtkdialog or xdialogs can offer.

So I'm still searching... what other Zenwalk half could we have used? Scratch, scratch... Netpkg? Nope.

In any case we still do have some very good friends in Zenwalk team, we still have pretty good interaction together & we have offered them our technical expertise should they need help to build a new Zenwalk LiveCD, if any one of them wanted to take on such a project. Really, it seems it is only the odd Zenwalk overzealous user/consumer that seem to have issues with us, why? That truly eludes me.

Linux development has always been about scratching an itch. If Salix happens to help us scratch our own personal itch in a way that Zenwalk couldn't, what does it matter to some of this people? Who are they to tell us what to do? What are they doing themselves to help improve their dearly beloved distro (apart from trolling our forum?)

You love Zenwalk? Good for you! Since you had some counsel for us, I will also give you a good counsel:
Roll up your sleeves & do something truly profitable for Zenwalk!
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