Does not stay connected

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Does not stay connected

Post by Atip » 11. Mar 2012, 04:29

Salix XFCE4-13-37-Live mounted on a stick and booted into HP-2133 Netbook does not stay
connected, meaning the Internet Address is gone as can be seen with /sbin/ifconfig.

wicd shows that it is connected. If I click then on [Disconnect] and again on [Connect] the
int. address is found and shows in /sbin/ifconfig. It stays that way between < 2 minutes
and no more than 3 min. Then I can repeat the game.

This HP-2133 Netbook works with Salix-XFCE4-13.37 flawlessly and stays connected.
I copied the directories /lib/firmware/b43, ./b43legacy from the netbook to the stick and
persistence seems to have picked it up. The wicd applet always shows a full green bar
even when the int. addr. is gone.

What coud cause this behavior?

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