Salix MATE 13.37

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Salix MATE 13.37

Post by gapan » 9. May 2012, 21:42

Salix MATE 13.37 is now officially released! Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, this release introduces the MATE Desktop Environment. For anyone not familiar with MATE, it's a GNOME2 fork, that continues development of the GNOME 2.x branch. MATE uses the traditional desktop metaphor that was abandoned for newer GNOME 3.x releases. All of the GNOME parts that have been forked have been renamed, so that they don't conflict with GNOME 3.x applications, but otherwise the functionality and behavior is exactly the same as it was in GNOME 2.32.x. For example, the Nautilus file manager is now named Caja in MATE, the Evince document viewer is now Atril and the File-Roller archive manager is now Engrampa. These forked applications will probably play a much bigger part in future Salix versions, for other editions as well, especially if Slackware doesn't decide to move to GTK+3.

Installation from these ISO images is performed using the standard Salix installer. The installation is identical to that of any other Salix edition and provides the option to make a Core mode installation, a Basic mode installation or a Full mode installation. The Core mode installation is identical to that present in all other Salix editions, it will only install a command line system, no GUI applications or environments. The Basic mode installation will install a very basic system with the MATE Desktop Environment, the Firefox web browser and the collection of Salix system tools, including the Gslapt package manager and Sourcery Slackbuild manager and not much more than that. The MATE Desktop Environment is as minimal as possible in a Basic mode installation, it only includes the Caja file, the MATE preferences tools and a few panel applets. A full mode installation includes everything that is present in the ISO images. That includes a full MATE Desktop Environment with all panel applets, the Atril document viewer, the Engrampa archive manager, the MATE power manager, MATE system utilities and more. The collection of software included in a Full mode installation resembles that of other Salix editions, especially the Xfce edition, including the Libreoffice suite, the Claws-mail emailing application, the Pidgin instant messenger, the GIMP image editor etc. Of course all Salix system tools that make system administration easier are installed, as in all other editions.

You can see some screenshots of the MATE Desktop Environment in our gallery: ... creenshots

You can download all Salix MATE iso images from the following links, using the Sourceforge servers, or with a torrent client.

Salix MATE 13.37 (32-bit)
(size: 611MB, md5: b612a364eaf452eb361eb8382dd7fa7c)
Sourceforge: ... o/download
torrent: ... so.torrent

Salix64 MATE 13.37 (64-bit)
(size: 602MB, md5: 81bef74687f3513c2b8006541e59c4c3)
Sourceforge: ... o/download
torrent: ... so.torrent

Have fun!

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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by Adys » 10. May 2012, 00:14

I'd like to suggest updating all the Salix wiki pages (including the home page), where the other DE are mentioned, to include MATE too (sometimes more than once in the same page).

In addition, MATE should also be mentioned in the DW Salix resume page, and also included in the wiki pages of the MATE project (it is already mentioned in some pages of the MATE project; but there are pages in the MATE project where other distros are mentioned and linked to but Salix is not).

The next step would be the stable LIVE ISOs of Salix 13.37 MATE x32 / x64 :).

I'd rather use the strike through BBcode in this post, but it is not allowed in this forum, so...
_ MATE should also be mentioned in the DW Salix resume page

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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by JRD » 10. May 2012, 14:43

Congratulations for this release !

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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by djemos » 10. May 2012, 15:10

Congratulations gapan. Very good work. :)

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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by laplume » 10. May 2012, 22:54

Congratulations to the Salix Team! That's a great implementation of Mate DE.


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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by Akuna » 11. May 2012, 07:16

'Bravo!' to all involved. :)
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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by lmello » 11. May 2012, 09:45

I'm running Salix MATE from qemu and I must say it's par-to-par with KDE4, both in terms of features and easy-to-use factor.

I'm very happy with this release, thanks!


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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by Shador » 11. May 2012, 10:47

Great work! :)

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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by NicePics13 » 11. May 2012, 12:25

After my first OCD like reaction to some missing MATE packages this release is really quite nice. The only issue was after adding the Equinox GTK engine as it's slightly buggy with the panels, might need a quick fix to fully work in the new environment - not that it matters as I've gone MATE+dwm :D

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Re: Salix MATE 13.37

Post by quixis » 11. May 2012, 19:06

i tried the Live version RC1 and it's smoothly working but i must admit that the look 'n feel of LMDE Mate is way more appealing. Salix it's a bit too gnomeish .... :mrgreen: