mintmenu from Linux Mint

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mintmenu from Linux Mint

Post by arasek » 2. Oct 2012, 22:57

Can anyone to install it ?

Here is PKGBUILD from Arch linux but i didn't understand how I can use it.

regard !

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Re: mintmenu from Linux Mint

Post by marcxjo » 6. Apr 2015, 05:35

Way late reply, but I am actually working on this one now.

In fact, I've actually got a complete package that seems to run well so far, but it's only as graceful as the work it borrows from. Basically I took Wolfgang Ublrich's build for Fedora and ported it to Salix, even down to cutesy customized things like sidepane icons for the Slapt GUI tools. The patches are revised to ensure that no hunks are misplaced (not that this is horribly significant, given that patch is pretty good at guesswork), and the appropriate modifications are made for a sane Salix install. Given how out of date some of those patches were, though, I can't promise that there aren't bits and pieces that don't work as intended. I don't know nearly enough python to have bothered inspecting the rest too closely.

Anyway, if you or anyone else is interested, I'm going to post my own SLKBUILD and retooled patches on Github in the next few hours or so. I'd appreciate some testing and suggestions for improvement for anyone with better knowledge of the code.

Update: Here you go!

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Re: mintmenu from Linux Mint

Post by coyotl » 11. Jul 2015, 12:19

I'm new to slack/salix. Could not figure out how to use the build here.

Do i add the repo to slackbuild sources, to slapt-src or Sourcery?

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Re: mintmenu from Linux Mint

Post by gapan » 13. Jul 2015, 12:16

Without having tried it, the following should work. First, clone the git repo:

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git clone
enter the directory with the SLBUILD

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and run it:

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 fakeroot slkbuild -X
That should hopefully create a package (txz file) in the same directory. Once that is done, install it with:

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sudo spkg mintmenu-...rest_of_filename...txz

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