Slackel 7.3 Openbox

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Re: Slackel 7.3 Openbox

Post by Papasot » 18. Jul 2020, 14:20

The only "unusual" package that needed updating recently is zzz-settings-slackel-openbox (which is excluded by default). Everything works as expected, and I guess my system was updated to 7.3 eventually, over the regular updates the last months. The process was smooth enough so that if I didn't know Slackel 7.3 was out I would think I just do my normal updates. Very good job, Dimitri!

MATE version and the new usb installation definitely worth a try. I like the simplicity and lightness of Openbox though.
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Re: Slackel 7.3 Openbox

Post by djemos » 19. Jul 2020, 07:28

I upgrade zzz-settings-slackel-openbox to solve an issue. It is not important but a slackel user mentioned, so i fixed it.
run neofetch from live environment and you get OS: slackware and not "OS: Slackel Linux 5.4.52 x86_64"
So even if will upgrade the package zzz-settings-slackel-openbox will cause no harm.
In a real installation after upgrade lsb-release running neofetch will get the above "OS: Slackel Linux 5.4.52 x86_64".

MATE is fine. It is the good GNOME 2. I like openbox too. But some people like MATE also.
I added in SLI the ability to do a real installation to an external USB SSD disk or USB stick. It is useful.

I run Slackel in my laptop since when Slackel openbox was released. And because i have so many important things in it i just upgrade the system and is also up to date with 7.3. Once installed no need to install again.

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