Opera SLKBUILD for 13.37

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Re: Opera SLKBUILD for 13.37

Post by Shador » 23. Dec 2011, 23:01

It's not completely wrong how you built that module. But it can cause problems for certain packages/ special cases like opera.

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Re: Opera SLKBUILD for 13.37

Post by ruario » 1. Feb 2012, 13:57

ruario wrote:
JRD wrote:/usr/doc/opera should not be a symlink to /usr/doc/opera-version you should choose one)
Opera itself currently expects to find /usr/share/doc/opera/LICENSE. The path is hardcoded (yes, yes it shouldn't be but it is). Slackware/Salix already provides the "/usr/share/doc -> ../doc/", so a symlink from "opera -> opera-version" in doc makes this path valid.
Ok, I have realised that I wasn't entirely correct about this. Opera actually reads /usr/share/opera/defaults/license.txt which happens to be a symlink back to the doc directory. This symlink gets broken when the doc directory is moved to comply with the Slackware doc layout.

Anyway, I have now worked out a better solution to this. I move the actual file to /usr/share/opera/defaults/license.txt and make LICENSE in the doc directory be a symlink back to it. I have already fixed this in the SLKBUILD, so when a new release of Opera comes out it will have this fixed.

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Re: Opera SLKBUILD for 13.37

Post by JRD » 1. Feb 2012, 14:29

Thanks for improving your package :)

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Re: Opera SLKBUILD for 13.37

Post by thenktor » 1. Feb 2012, 14:54

Thumbs up ruario! 8-)
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