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Post by witek » 25. Mar 2012, 12:09

Can anybody who`s familiar with Frugalware tell some words about it? I tried to install it several years ago but was a bit disappointed and everything I can remember is the impression that it took very long time to install packages from DVD.

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Re: Frugalware

Post by DavidMcCann » 25. Mar 2012, 15:54

I've tried versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6. None was a success. You can see my latest (and best) experience here: ... /15/sort/7

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Re: Frugalware

Post by EricC » 5. Apr 2012, 18:12

I cannot speak to the DVD as I downloaded the net-install iso to do my FW installations. I have used v1.5 in the past and have recently tried out v1.6. Overall, I would say FW is okay. I found v1.6 to be stable and overall nicer than 1.5.

Here are a few things off the top of my head that I can think of while I am at work...

Things I liked about 1.6:

1. No multilib for x64 version. Instead they did a chroot environment which I thought was slick.

2. Pacman for filemanagement. Hey, I like pacman from my Arch days :)

3. Nice Xfce setup (I did not try any of the other DEs).

Things I did not like about 1.6:

1. No ability to setup LVM during an install. For me, that is a big issue since I use LVM.

2. Setting system time. During the install portion, they ask if your hardware clock is using UTC or Local Time. Chose Local Time and when FW was up and running it was using UTC. This issue was reported in 1.5 (and I even came up with the workaround posted on their wiki). Response in the trouble ticket was to setup ntp. Earth shattering problem? No. Annoyance? Yes. Why even offer the option if it does not work?

Other thoughts in general:

1. Small distro in terms community. Forums are not very active. You need to head to IRC to get assistance. Which is fine, but I prefer the forum first approach.

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Re: Frugalware

Post by seoneal7 » 11. Apr 2014, 06:46

I installed the latest version of Frugalware a week or so ago. Honestly, I think it's a great distro. Particularly for those who enjoy both Slack and pacman . The repos aren't as extensive, but I was able to get a workstation set up quickly enough. At least as quickly as from a fresh Arch install. The only thing... there is virtually no community. And I can't use a distribution without an at least somewhat active community. The last post made in the Off-Topic forum is my introduction, timestamp: 30 March 2014, 22:43.

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