Back Again!

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Back Again!

Post by retriever » 15. Oct 2013, 12:22

So over the last month or so I have been distro hopping. I've tried Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu, and several others, but I can't find one that beats Salix. You all have done an awesome job at making a distro that is a pleasure to use. Thank you. :)

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Re: Back Again!

Post by kcirick » 15. Oct 2013, 13:32

I couldn't agree more with you!

Although, the distros in your list are very similar (eg. Mint/Ubuntu is Debian based, as are many other 'variants'). Have you had the chance to try some of the 'unknown' distros that keeps popping up on distrowatch?

If you feel adventurous, you might want to try BSD variants (eg. FreeBSD). it's not linux, but you might like it

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