Another systemd-refugee found a new home here.

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Re: Another systemd-refugee found a new home here.

Post by Spiff » 11. Nov 2017, 01:26

ChuangTzu wrote:GJones,

You may find these links helpful with regards to systemd and what people are not discussing, inside the major distros anyway. The kernel dev's and longtime *nix dev's are really concerned.

Kernel dev. ... tGhnM4jVoP ... d_fragment_=#!

look at all of the services systemd has gobbled up, and the list grows daily. ... stemd.html

Linus has blocked all code from Pottering and Key (systemd dev's) as their coding is complete crap. ... s-systemd/ ... px=MTY1MzA

Potterings own blog, where he boldly says that systemd will eventually run the entire OS even upgrade your system automatically with zero input from the user or admin. ... stems.html

Happy Reading!

Why we should not use Systemd. If it works don't fix it!!! :D I'm not a developer, so I trust you guys who really know this stuff to make these decisions.

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