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Re: QlandkarteGT

Post by laprjns » 15. Jun 2010, 00:03

Maybe try adding the following line to fstab:

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none	/proc/bus/usb	  usbfs	 rw,auto,devmode=0664,devgid=100  0 0
I had to add this line to my fstab to get usb working on VirtualBox, which has a similar permission problem. So, this is somewhat of a last gasp guess on my part :?
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Re: QlandkarteGT

Post by anttel » 15. Jun 2010, 21:59

hello laprjns,
Since the upgrade from 13.0 (salix live) to 13.1 sound didn't work and Qlandkarte didn't work in user I did a fresh install of salix 13.1 and guess what...
QLandkarteGT is working (out of the box)!!!!!!!!. I only installed the packages and Qt!! Sound also worked out of the box! I'm so glad. I want to thank you for your fantastic help! I really appreciate it. Imho QLandkarteGT should be added to the repository of Salix. It's a nice application for my gps.
best regards,

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