Windows virtual PC fail

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Windows virtual PC fail

Post by Mats » 9. Sep 2013, 07:35

Forgive the rampant headline,

but i tried both MATE and KDE live editions under windows virtual PC, and both kills the VPC during INIT
Can't install another Virtual Machine software, since it is a work PC.

any suggestions, or should i give up ?
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Re: Windows virtual PC fail

Post by aurlaent » 9. Sep 2013, 09:59

Any details about how you set up the Virtual PC or what point of INIT it dies at?

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Re: Windows virtual PC fail

Post by gapan » 10. Sep 2013, 07:46

I have never used that virtual PC thing, but from what I have read it is generally hostile to linux. So that comes as no surprise.

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Re: Windows virtual PC fail

Post by laprjns » 10. Sep 2013, 10:21

Everything that I have read says the Windows Virtual PC only works with other Window versions as guests (i.e. Xp etc). See here:
Wikipedia wrote:Other operating systems such as Linux may run, but are not officially supported, and Microsoft does not provide the necessary "Virtual Machine Additions" (which include essential drivers) for Linux.[5].
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Re: Windows virtual PC fail

Post by clauslack » 27. Sep 2013, 13:09

Virtual Box work fine.

Try this

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