New to Salix (slack), not to Linux

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New to Salix (slack), not to Linux

Post by vrkalak » 1. May 2014, 04:02

I have been a Linux user for several years.

Started with Fedora way back when. Moved to 'buntu for about 2 days, then found LinuxMint.
A short while later discovered Crunchbang.
I have used Debian or Debian-based Distros, Arch (Manjaro, Bridge-Linux) and Gentoo (Sabayon)

I am new to Salix and Slackware. :P I like what I have seen, so far.

I have used Xfce DE, almost, since my 1st day with Linux. Now, I am an official Dev/Tester for Xfce-4.12

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Re: New to Salix (slack), not to Linux

Post by mimosa » 1. May 2014, 10:38

Welcome :)

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Re: New to Salix (slack), not to Linux

Post by gapan » 2. May 2014, 07:36

Welcome vrkalak! I'm sure you'll appreciate how easy it is to build your own packages and replace stock ones with slkbuild. :)

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Re: New to Salix (slack), not to Linux

Post by sqlpython » 4. May 2014, 16:23

Hello and Welcome fellow #!'er :)

Using Slackware myself since Slackware 95 and I love it .. 8-)
Salix makes Slacking easier for new Slackware users and then gives you a good community base.

As mentioned above look to for packages you don't see in Gslapt ..
I am sure you have found the wikis here but don't forget
Slackers also hang out on

As stable as Debian and more fun then Arch.. Slackware "The Original"
Debian ( Stretch 9, Sid ) Salix OpenBox 14.1, Gentoo, Calculate

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Re: New to Salix (slack), not to Linux

Post by salixious » 30. Oct 2014, 09:34

Welcome to the distro and the forums, vrkalak. I thought I recognized the user name. I'm a CrunchBanger myself.

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