Hugs, Kisses and Thanks

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Hugs, Kisses and Thanks

Post by knome » 6. Oct 2014, 11:36

Hello everybody.

I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the awesomeness of Salix. I've now been running my home (as in abode, not Linux) desktop computer installation of Salix 14.0 (Xfce) for about 2 years. The updates occasionally trickle in but it still performs brilliantly with little head-bashing or teeth grinding input from myself. The only major "upgrade" I've done for 14.0 is to go from 32 bit to 64 bit

I'm not the most tech savvy Linux user - I'm just an old fart who potters about and attempts to give a little input here every now and again.

Thankyou and I love you all. See you later.


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Re: Hugs, Kisses and Thanks

Post by gapan » 6. Oct 2014, 22:31

Thank you very much for your post Tony! :)

You can't imagine how heart-warming and inspiring posts like yours are... And what you're describing is exactly what we had in mind with Salix: install it, set it up the way you want to and then mostly forget about it. I'm glad it works out for you.

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Re: Hugs, Kisses and Thanks

Post by mimosa » 7. Oct 2014, 10:29

Thanks knome :)

Your contributions on the forum are always really helpful, particularly with less experienced users: patient, clear, constructive.

I am glad you enjoy Salix.

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